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Indiana Legislative Insight is the only publication focused exclusively on what’s happening in Indiana state politics and government – and why and how it affects you, and what to expect.

This newsletter, published since 1989, brings you detailed insider information about the people and politics that interact to shape policy. Behind-the-scenes information and analysis offers an informed and independent examination of politics and policy that enables you to plan your legislative, political, and business strategies.

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Whether it is dissections of legislative leadership contests and deal-making; gubernatorial and state agency staffing and decision-making; or news from the courts, business, and economic worlds that would otherwise go unreported or without context, this newsletter offers unbiased reporting and perspective that you won’t find elsewhere.

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Recent News

Jenkins selected to fill Mitchell Mayor’s term

November 30th, 2022|

Mitchell City Councilmember Nathan Jenkins (R) is selected by a city Republican party caucus to fill the remaining 14 months of the term being vacated by Mitchell Mayor JD England (R), who is stepping down for a new job [...]

Indiana not chosen for national guard cyber units

November 21st, 2022|

Indiana was not among the 14 states which chose to activate cyber units in their respective national guards “to help protect election officials’ networks from malicious activity” during the mid-term elections, StateScoop scooped. This is despite the fact that [...]

Former SG Adams pushes school masking study results

November 21st, 2022|

Former surgeon general Jerome Adams, who also served as Indiana’s state health commissioner during the Pence Administration, tweets Thursday that “If your TRUE priority is keeping kids in school,” that “Lifting Universal Masking in Schools – Covid-19 Incidence among [...]