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Roads & bridges, rails & trails, ports, public transit, and emerging technology … Indiana’s transportation sector is complex and compelling. Enter Indiana Transportation Insight – the latest sector-specific publication of Hannah News. Our multi-dimensional reporting model, honed over the decades, is perfectly suited to cover it. The interrelationship of legislative, executive, regulatory, economic development, legal, and political elements are all at play. We bring to bear our understanding of the people, process, and politics that make policy. We tie it all together in a way that no other Hoosier entity can.

Indiana Legislative Insight Newsletter

Knowledge means the power to:

  • Help municipalities accumulate funding
  • Advocate – know the decision makers inside agencies and units … and when those personnel change
  • Maximize economic development on projects of all sizes
  • Navigate legislative priorities and proclivities

Billions of dollars flow through the sector annually. Be aware as decisions are made about transportation priorities, modes, funding, activities and schedules.

This newsletter is a must-read for engineering firms, contractors, and trade associations; manufacturers, retailers & logistics firms; local governments, state departments & agencies, ports, and public transit authorities; lobbyists and attorneys; trucking companies, railroads, air services and other movers of goods; academics, legislators and media.

Recent News

Corridor conversations

July 8th, 2024|

Mid-States Corridor to Tier 2 study amid continued local discourse It’s hard to know what to make of the Mid-States Corridor, a much-discussed “improved highway connection” project that will begin at S.R. 66 near the William H. Natcher Bridge [...]

Is the future electric?

May 13th, 2024|

EVs becoming more relevant; funding mix remains . . . complicated Indiana is moving towards a future where electrified transportation is relevant – many sectors are working to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. We’ve observed this in many ways. [...]

Your April 2024 Indiana gas tax numbers

May 13th, 2024|

Time for every Hoosier’s favorite conversation topic: gas tax. After Indiana’s gas tax dipped from January to February, March 2024 saw an over-the-month increase, but added together, the first quarter of the year served up the lowest cumulative amount [...]