Sen. Eddie Melton (D) of Gary, who represents the Senate district that is home to Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana, won the Democratic nomination for mayor of Gary over Mayor Jerome Prince (D). With the nod tantamount to election in the hard blue city, Hard Rock will likely have a new individual representing it in the Senate next year. The good news for Hard Rock is that Sen. Melton is well-acquainted with the gaming industry writ large and the importance of this casino to the community. In fact, he was the top legislative proponent in 2019 for moving the Majestic Star Casino complex at Buffington Harbor off the footprint and to the current land-based site. Look for a closer relationship between the casino and the city administration under a Melton mayoralty, as well as renewed efforts toward redeveloping the Buffington Harbor property, the purported reason advanced by Sen. Melton four years ago for moving the casinos.