Attorney General Todd Rokita (R) says that OAG raised starting attorney salaries from $55,000 to $75,000 “just to keep the office going,” given that the big law firms against whom OAG competes for talent are paying starting salaries around $130,000. That increase, he says, has helped to lower turnover. He wants to beef up the litigation division, where attorneys start at $80,000. He also notes that data privacy and identity theft investigations have soared, with one-third of Hoosiers impacted by data breaches alone, requiring four more staffers to assist in investigations. As for his office’s activity in “Defense of State Sovereignty,” he tells senators that his office reviewed or authored 240 sign-on letters and amicus briefs during 2022, received sign-on letters and amicus briefs from 36 states (both Republican and Democratic), and “Joined 149 sign-on letters and amicus briefs that align with Indiana’s values.”