Jalinna Michelle Edwards, 42, the manager of an Admiral gas station and convenience store in Muncie, is preliminarily charged with theft on allegations by Admiral’s district manager that she “had been stealing lottery tickets” from the store, reports Doug Walker for the Muncie Star Press. No docket has yet been entered in the case as of press time. Walker writes that Edwards’ supervisor showed police “a video that purportedly showed Edwards using a scanner to log in lottery tickets that had been placed in her purse. An inventory showed 95 tickets, worth a total of $850, were missing. Among them were six Supreme Cash tickets worth $50 each, and six $220X the Cash tickets worth $30 each. Edwards told the officer she had been working at the Admiral store for six months ‘and the lottery ticket books have been messed up since she started.’ She also maintained she ‘always pays for her lottery tickets,’ ” even though employees are barred from purchasing tickets from their place of employment.