A LaPorte man was arrested at Blue Chip Casino January 3 in the overnight hours after allegedly trying to exchange a counterfeit $100 bill at the casino cage, claiming it would not work in a slot machine. When Indiana Gaming Commission agents were called in to question the man, the probable cause affidavit suggests he “appeared nervous and flustered,” and was evasive about how the bill came into his possession. After he was handcuffed and escorted to the IGC interview room for further investigation, the gaming agent conducted “a cursory pat down” and discovered “a small knotted object,” a bag that contained what was eventually established to be six grams of methamphetamine. Brett M. Pumroy, 36, is charged in LaPorte County Superior Court 4 with a Level 6 Felony for possession of the controlled substance, and Misdemeanor A Fraud over the “fake $100 bill.” State v. Pumroy, No. 46D04-2301-F6-000012. A status of counsel hearing is slated for February 24 before Judge Greta Friedman.