Hamilton Southeastern Schools (HSE) teachers will receive a pay raise retroactive to July 1, 2022, and the entry-level salary for starting teachers will increase under a new agreement ratified by a vote of the teaching staff, the community news website LarryInFishers reports. “Hamilton Southeastern Education Association (HSEA) President Abby Taylor says most teachers in the district will receive a 5.8% pay increase, but about 350 of the 1,305 teachers in the HSE system will receive a 2.9% raise, depending on their level of education and where they appear on the pay scale,” the site reports. Under the new contract, the starting salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree will be $44,074, a $1,242 bump from the previous starting pay of $42,832. Further details on how the retroactive payment will be paid is unknown at this time. Expect the HSE Board of School Trustees to provide final approval of the contract at its September 29 meeting.