Effective July 1, ITR Concessions Co. LLC, the operator for the Indiana Toll Road lease, is raising tolls for travel on I-90 from the Ohio state line to the Chicago Skyway from $12.30 to $13.50 for a typical two-axle passenger vehicle, a 9.8% increase, and from $144.50 for 7+ axle vehicles (most tractor-trailers) to $158.83, a 9.9% increment (all cash prices). Before the Major Moves package passed allowing the lease deal, tolls for most cars would have been $4.65 and most large trucks would pay $14.45 to traverse the full 156.28 miles . . . but you should also recall that both Democratic and Republican governors for decades had lacked the political will to hike those toll rates, which couldn’t cover debt maintenance, and needed and desired upgrades.