Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. (D) is making it clear that he intends to hammer U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R) “for making Indiana history as the first Indiana US Senator to vote NO on an African American nominee to the Supreme Ct & the first to vote NO on a female nominee. That’s called being on the wrong side of history,” he tweets. Look for him to promote this issue in Lake County, the Indianapolis north metro, on big public college campuses, as well as in urban pockets across the state . . . Mayor Tom launches a pro-legalization online video on 420 Day (as Democrats statewide as well promoted legalization), featuring him smoking and passing a legally purchased joint around a group of professionals in an Illinois backyard near the Indiana state line who speak to why weed should be legalized in Indiana. The spot was used in many news broadcasts across the state and embedded in a large number of tweets and Facebook feeds, giving him a big bong for the bucks. Hard to believe that 34 years ago Democrats feared a Republican TV spot they believed was “in the can” waiting to be used against gubernatorial nominee Evan Bayh (D) accusing him of having smoked pot during the 1970s in his IU days.