The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management sue the Northern Indiana Public Service Company in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana under Superfund laws. U.S., et al., v. No. Indiana Pub. Serv. Co. LLC, No. 2:22-cv-00048. The United States and State of Indiana seek recovery of unreimbursed response costs incurred by them for activities undertaken in response to the release or threatened release of hazardous substances at the Town of Pines Superfund Site, in Porter County; injunctive relief requiring NIPSCO to take action to abate a release of hazardous substances or threat of release of hazardous substances at the second operable unit at the site that may pose an imminent and substantial endangerment to the public health or welfare or the environment; and a declaratory judgment finding NIPSCO liable for any future response costs that the United States may incur in connection with any subsequent action or actions that may be performed pertaining to the second site.