Everyone has heard about heated Hoosier school board meetings requiring police intervention in the past year, and tempers even flaring over education issues at some Third House or crackerbarrel sessions this year, but you should know that the situation became so disruptive Saturday morning, February 12 in Evansville over natural gas prices at a Meet Your Legislators event that “One man had to be removed by security while another woman stormed out of the room, frustrated by the responses from legislators,” according to WEVV-TV in Evansville. This came “as a packed room of angry CenterPoint Energy customers demanded answers from legislators at Central Library …. Not only were activists upset with the rising energy prices, but also the lack of alternatives. ‘We have one choice of where we purchase our energy. How many energy companies are in Indiana,’ a customer said. ‘Would you guys all support a bill where we could only buy cheeseburgers in southern Indiana from Wendy’s? Or only buying hamburgers in Central Indiana from McDonalds?’ Legislators acknowledged that prices for utilities are higher in Evansville than anywhere else in the state,” although CenterPoint customers across the state are feeling the pain.