Where did HB 1252, authored by House Committee on Education Chair Bob Behning (R) of Indianapolis go this session? Well, it was squeezed, wholesale, into SB 2 as an amendment Wednesday. HB 1252 would establish the Indiana student enrichment grant pilot program at the request of the Indiana Department. of Education, according to Rep. Behning. The bill would allow an enrichment student eligibility to establish an Indiana enrichment scholarship account. An enrichment student may receive $1,000 to be used for certain qualified expenses. Behning says Secretary of Education Katie Jenner derived with the idea for the pilot program to try, outside of school day, to help students who have not been successful in reading, focusing the program at learning loss, likely for third graders and fourth and fifth graders who have suffered learning loss because of the pandemic. On Wednesday, a July 2025 sunset clause was added. The bill passed out of the House Committee on Education earlier this session, but wasn’t heard from again after it was recommitted to the House Committee on Ways and Means.