Covid-19 may prompt physical changes A few years ago, school shootings were prompting Hoosier school corporations to rethink the nature of school buildings and particularly modes of entry, internal ability to seal classrooms from active shooters, and “harden” school facilities in general, with windows a key concern. That phenomenon led to school districts seeking funding for school security matters — including additional school resource officers and more mental health resources. Some believed the law requiring referenda for certain school spending forced “cookiecutter” buildings and shared architectural designs . . . but those designs could be obsolete now in the age of the pandemic — if we believe that it will last for several years or we need to plan for the next pandemic, and we may see new virus-related referenda. We may soon see school design if not pivot away from an emphasis on hardening, then at least direct more attention to buildings that will allow for more open spaces, physical distancing, and the flexibility for and ability to install items such as plexiglass barriers. You should also expect that districts that cannot afford new facilities will look to overhaul HVAC systems to prevent virus spread, and there will be debates over windows that open for public health reasons vs. sealed windows for public safety concerns.