You shouldn’t be surprised to see Governor Eric Holcomb (R) seek to maneuver himself into a leadership role with the National Governors Association. Governor Holcomb is respected by his peers nationally, both Republicans and Democrats — like the Democratic governors of Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan with whom he worked closely this year on Covid-19 issues and regional protocols. Forty years have passed since Gov. Otis Bowen (R) was the last Hoosier to chair NGA, so we’re due. He is not seen as a rabid partisan, and that helps. While Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is the current chair, with perhaps one or two exceptions you’d be hard-pressed to recall any of the other chairs over the past two decades, or to match a name with a state. Governor Holcomb could use the platform (which would not come before his final year in office, if he is able to squeak that in under the calendar) to continue his national advocacy for improved job training, skilling up the workforce, and matching education initiatives to job skills. Keep an eye open to see if he makes a move.