What you can learn from INDIANA LEGISLATIVE INSIGHT (10/07/19):

●  Hardwoods industry takes major hit from trade war, tariffs
●  Pot prosecution policy questioned
●  Intriguing names said to be backing Dr. Chuck in CD5
●  Agreement shapes up on shoring up Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund
●  Motion filed to quash Disciplinary Commission’s subpoena of AG’s top two aides
●  Big week for EcoDevo investment/expansion

What you can learn from INDIANA GAMING INSIGHT (10/07/19):

●  OTBs suddenly relevant again
●  Internet sports wagering launches with DraftKings, BetRivers
●  Purdue sports wagering policy may seek to protect student-faculty interaction
●  Spectacle heads to market with financing for inland Gary casino
●  Vigo County competition: Casino development deal reached for Danville, Illinois
●  August casino win improves for the first time in four years

What you can learn from INDIANA EDUCATION INSIGHT (09/30/19):

●  Higher ed re-examines enrollment strategies and financial aid in preparation for 2025 demographic pivot
●  Archdiocese requests interlocutory appeal of teacher termination discovery dispute
●  Charter schools clash with Indiana State Treasurer
●  ‘No dating’ policy leads to parental backlash
●  CTE Director sues after ouster over eSports team
●  Teacher salaries go up: where and how much