What you can learn from INDIANA LEGISLATIVE INSIGHT (07/08/19):

●  Update on state pension fund performance
●  Asset forfeiture keeping Indiana Supreme Court busy
●  Duke Energy proposes two-step rate increase
●  Unemployment rate grows over-the-year yet again
●  Marketplace facilitators must register
●  Indiana state government shines in Moody’s debt report

What you can learn from INDIANA EDUCATION INSIGHT (07/08/19):

●  New nadir in SPI’s relationship with her party
●  Referenda eyed by dozen districts
●  High school shooting for world’s largest gymnasium?
●  Guv’s new education crew
●  7th Circuit sides with Purdue male in Title IX suit
●  Race relations factor into district decision on in-house police force

What you can learn from INDIANA GAMING INSIGHT (07/01/19):

●  Where Indiana stands nationally on gaming revenue, taxes, jobs
●  Mega merger to create five-license empire
●  Even more new competition emerges from Kentucky
●  Fusion Center helps nab Lottery crook
●  Archaeological issues plague key roadway to Horseshoe South
●  Borman set to open in less than a year