What you can learn from INDIANA LEGISLATIVE INSIGHT  (03/11/19):

●  Dismal outlook for IN Democrats in 2020
●  UI Fund on wrong end of state solvency rankings
●  Sen. Braun unfurls trio of bills to lower prescription drug prices
●  New bills on military authorization from Sen. Young, domestic violence from Rep. Hollingsworth, e-health records from Rep. Brooks, and tariff transparency from Rep. Walorski
●  AG Hill on clergy abuse, robocalls, and Jussie Smollett
●  Fascinating whiskey barrel row may draw in IDEM

What you can learn from INDIANA GAMING INSIGHT  (03/11/19):

●  You can’t afford to miss our sweeping coverage of the generational gaming changes advanced by the Indiana Senate
●  Rumored Caesars CEO replacement has Indiana gaming ties
●  Hulman exec Mark Miles bullish on sports wagering, licensing of official IndyCar series data
●  Additional investors in Spectacle Entertainment revealed
●  From blackjack to buffet: changes in store at Rising Star
●  IN casino revenue dips to second-lowest January level over past 15 years

What you can learn from INDIANA EDUCATION INSIGHT  (03/04/19):

●  Your in-depth guide to House GOP education spending plan
●  New dropout recovery player poised to enter Indiana market
●  Fork in the road for future of teacher licensing exam
●  Governor’s Workforce Cabinet establishes committee structure
●  Big lobbying effort helps kill bill to limit school referendum
●  Another state university looks to withdraw from INPRS