What you can learn from INDIANA EDUCATION INSIGHT  (12/17/18):

●  Dr. McCormick requests new funding for drug-free schools initiative
●  Republicans target reduction in school administrative spending
●  Local superintendent takes pay cut to show support for teachers
●  Membership set for House, Senate education committees
●  Panel co-chaired by McCormick, Lubbers issues policy recommendations for improving college readiness
●  School construction projects impacted by tariffs

What you can learn from INDIANA LEGISLATIVE INSIGHT  (12/10/18):

●  Judge slams General Assembly for death penalty drug secrecy maneuver
●  Mayoral races take shape: statewide round-up of who is and isn’t running
●  Rep. Banks proven prescient on Chinese espionage
●  Social conservatives see hate crimes bill as assault on religion and free speech
●  Governor’s comprehensive 2019 agenda detailed
●  Inspector General investigates state employee pay-to-play allegation

What you can learn from INDIANA GAMING INSIGHT  (12/10/18):

●  Pacers may lobby for shot at sports wagering revenue
●  Potential Terre Haute casino referendum picks up support
●  Indiana falls further behind Illinois in gaming bucks
●  House Public Policy panel roster finalized
●  Felony charges in multi-state cockfighting ring reduced to a misdemeanor