What you can learn from INDIANA LEGISLATIVE INSIGHT  (11/19/18):

●  Hoosier to reign over largest federal appropriations subcommittee
●  What you need to realize about how to count votes
●  Pink Wave didn’t bypass Indiana
●  What Hoosiers think about medical marijuana, gas taxes, toll roads, cigarette taxes, and more
●  Fond farewell to a Friend
●  OAG files lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant

What you can learn from INDIANA EDUCATION INSIGHT  (11/19/18):

●  Key takeaways from the unprecedented school referenda election results
●  What Hoosiers think about school safety and security: new pre-election polling data
●  State Board of Education concerned about high school letter grades
●  Where local teacher salaries are soaring, and where they’re stagnate
●  How school transportation policies are evolving after Fulton County tragedy
●  Public and private schools entangled in disputes over religion

What you can learn from INDIANA GAMING INSIGHT  (11/12/18):

●  U.S. Department of Labor hammers Horseshoe
●  State lawmakers endorse grand new plan for Gary casinos
●  Cities already kicking and screaming over potential casino license availability
●  NCAA undertakes new sports wagering study
●  What the new slot facility in Louisville may mean for Hoosier casino revenues
●  Deal or no deal? Lots of speculation on what’s next for Caesars Entertainment