What you can learn from INDIANA LEGISLATIVE INSIGHT  (11/05/18):

●  The hottest races for the Indiana House and Senate
●  Congressional challenger contributes record amount to his own campaign
●  Secretary of State candidates snipe over voter outreach
●  CBS poll: 75% of Hoosiers agree that this is the top issue
●  All the last minute appeals and advertisements bombarding your airwaves
●  NBC poll: Independents have a clear favorite in the U.S. Senate race

What you can learn from INDIANA EDUCATION INSIGHT  (11/05/18):

●  Your pre-election peek at the education dollars lavished on legislative candidates
●  Indiana Supreme Court holds oral argument on civil forfeitures: how the Common School Fund can lose even while winning
●  The chairs of Indiana’s House and Senate education committees have been stable for almost a decade: why that may soon change
●  Exclusive: the administration’s recommendations for higher education funding in the next biennial budget
●  Detailing the growth of CollegeChoice 529 accounts, and the proposed policies that would encourage even more savings
●  State Board of Education receives recommendations for new school turnaround teams: a few familiar faces

What you can learn from INDIANA GAMING INSIGHT  (10/29/18):

●  Grand new plan for Gary casinos
●  State tax impacts from legalized sports betting: the estimates are in
●  Sports wagering consultants show state lawmakers that mobile is a must
●  NBA slammed during interim study committee hearing
●  Private equity firm makes underwhelming offer to purchase southern Indiana casino
●  Casino revenues through the first three quarters of 2018: who’s up, who’s down